eyesore : 4563 west 12th avenue

all this could be yours for a cool $1.9million. i am so excited. not! i just love how it fits into the (small) context of the street, see neighboring houses with pitched roof forms. its a brand new house and there was so much potential. all is gone and so sad. if you wish, feel free to browse the listing and see the inside images with that awful paint colour and all those wall plugs and switches (wall acne).



    • hey Amish, thanks for reading my blog and the comment. i really don’t know what to say about the loopy home market that Vancouver is. the saddest thing is that there still are buyers who don’t revolt against this and buy such poor houses. if at least it was built with some craftsmanship , ok. but whenever i drive around town and see these though-less houses going up, i cringe. in a few years they will have to tear these houses down again (what a waste or resources!) since they will be leak, or will be so energy waste-full that sustaining them would be costing the homeowners a small fortune.
      btw, i love your photography!

  1. Hey David,

    Thanks! I’ve been following your blog for a while. My wife and I sold our 1br condo in Steveston early last year, and have been on a travel/work (http://www.asphoto.ca/travel) sabbatical since. We are renting now, but keep looking at the market here compared to where we’ve been traveling, and it’s just insane. For what we could get for the same $$ elsewhere… sigh…

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