google map of west coast modernism homes in greater vancouver


    • 15611 columbia avenue added, though it might be some time before a google car drives by to take a streetview snapshot of the house 😉

    • SWEET! what a beautiful house. I wish I had gone to the open house on May 11th. hopefully they will host one this weekend.
      According to battersbyhowat website, this house is built in 2003. The images from the listing look like it is in pristine condition.

  1. Hey David, there is a really nice modern house in my neighbourhood. I’ve been dying to see the interior as well, but got no luck when I googled the address. Anyways the address is 6615 Montgomery St. ( I’ve never seen a house like this in Vancouver.

  2. Hi David, just found your blog and as a fan of modernism, very glad to have found it! I’m a realtor and have just listed a home at Oak and 26th, designed by the owner, Neil Banich of Wensley Architecture. Really gorgeous and worth a look – there’s an open house tomorrow, March 16 from 2-4 pm. Not sure if this is the best way to contact you but thought I’d try. Here’s the link: Would love to have it on your map! Thanks!

  3. I would be interested in your opinion on this house… would it make your GOODIE list?

    The photos are not the best and don’t do it justice but a steady stream of people passing by seem to find it interesting, they are constantly stopping and staring at the house and many take out a camera or their phone to snap photos of it.

    • nice home, but there are some quirky things about it though, like the second storey – how it does not line up with the floor below. the walkway is a nice feature with the offset pavers and pebble infill. why the soffit material different on top floor roof than lower roofs is strange. the addition of wood siding (bottom corner) of house seems unnecessary. one gutter is white and the other black. i do like the column that us beyond the house footprint with a beam supporting the second floor. there are symmetrical elements (windows centered) and asymmetrical elements (corner windows, bay projections)on the facade with play/fight against each other? all in all, a good attempt, but less is more, so i would keep it more simple.

      • Thanks for your input, as novices to house design and this being our first attempt at a major renovation we found it a daunting task but hiring an architect just wasn’t in the budget. Much of the design was constrained by the fact that this was not a new build but instead just an upper floor addition on a 1941 bungalow where the foundation and most of the basement and original main floor exterior walls remained untouched. You can see a photo of the original house here

        Regarding the upper floor not lining up with the floor below, that is as a result of city building rules where the upper floor has to fit into a narrower “box” than the first floor. You can offset inward on one side or on both, we chose to go straight up on the right side so had to use all of the offset on the left. The big restraint was budget which accounted for things like only using the cedar soffit as a feature on the one uppermost roof. The downpipe on the right is different than the rest of the house and is actually copper pipe on the top half that becomes a rain chain on the bottom half emptying into a garden area. The column outside the house footprint with the beam supporting the second floor is my favorite feature.

        Thanks again for your opinion.


  4. Hey David, there’s a really stunning modern house in my neighbourhood. I’ve been wanting to see the interior but having no luck when I googled the address. Maybe you can find some photos or add to your list… Anyways the address is 96 West 18th Ave, Vancouver. Have outside photos can email ya if interested. Love your blog. Thanks so much

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