higgins house : 5414 greentree road, west vancouver

designed by : ron howard

built by : ? in 1963 [2019-listed for 1.88mil]

check out the listing on the realtor’s website and a short blurb on the house :

the 1963 higgins house is an architectural wonder tucked away on the soft rolling landscape not far from kew beach in west vancouver. the 2-story, 2,126 sq.ft., detached cabin was designed in the west coast modern style by architect ron howard who was among the post-war generation of modern architects who developed his style in british columbia. horizontal in form and simple in its use of detailing and materials, this single family home features a partially excavated basement garage, above which the main living areas are elevated to form a pavilion perched on a raised rockery. the design features exposed roof beams, a central entry and a deep eave overhang. the high rockery in the front yard hides the foundation wall. the site of 123,068 sq.ft. has mature ground cover and plantings of mature spruce and cedar. this home is recognized by west vancouver heritage as a significant design and rightly so.

Some more great shots of the house:

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