goodie : 4262 carnarvon street

4262 carnarvon - from street

designed by : battersbyhowat

built in : 2011

4262 carnarvon - front yard entry

the front entry sequence from sidewalk entails happily hopping between green thyme, mini-shrubs and groundcovers on concrete slabs to a covered entry porch.

4262 carnarvon - south elevation

the house uses a simple combination of materials : fibre-cement panels and fibre-cement siding in varous widths with a feature cedar slats for some walls and railings. the balcony is recessed within the building to provide shade and rain protection. the bamboo will create nice dappled light in the south-facing circulation space of the house.SDIM0912the back of the house features large glazing to connect the interior spaces with the extensive open back yard.



    • Very funny! the green bathroom almost burned my retinas. what a time it was, oh the 80’s.
      people sure had balls to so such things to their residences.

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