film : coast modern on dvd

coast modern - dvdcoast modern film is available for order on dvd.

the acclaimed documentary coast modern has now been released on dvd. relax into this journey through three generations of modernist architecture, and find the beauty in your own times – all over again.
this exquisitely designed (and carbon neutrally printed) dvd package includes the feature length film, bonus features, director commentary, plus stills from the making of the film – all for the retail price of $30cdn plus shipping.

go and order your copy through the coast modern website shop or you can also get it through itunes.

even though i have watched the film a few times, it still is a great inspiration for me. i highly recommend it and i look forward to all the bonus materials (i will order my copy now since i didn’t get to the release party at inform on time to get one there). a few stills from the film that will tide me over until i can slip the dvd into my player:

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