eyesores : they are still rising up!

the zombies walk among us!

3071 west king edward
3071 west king edward – brackets, oval windows, cedar cladding, stucco, copper wood panels – this monster could not help itself.


5530 columbia street
5530 columbia street – scary, isnt it?
3581 west 33rd avenue
3581 west 33rd avenue – is this house wearing a bad toupee?
7706 french street
7706 french street – ghosts included?


130 west 26th avenue
130 west 26th avenue – enter, if you dare…..

i could go on but the anguish is just too great…


happy halloween!




  1. Little shop of horrors… well, not likely so ‘little’, they look they run to the lot line and are far larger than the Vancouver Vanishes homes they replaced…

    Steven Threndyle

    902 Wentworth Avenue

    North Vancouver, BC, V7R-1R7

    HO: (604) 983-2199 Mobile: (778) 899-2143

    View: Linked In, Facebook, profiles

    Works/Clips: https://sthrendyle.contently.com/

    Follow winter adventures on Twitter @threndyleski and check my SUN/Province pages

    • modesty has long been tossed out the window with these new homes.
      i can’t imagine the horror of working as a planchecker ‘reviewing’ these monstrosities on a daily basis. shrieks of terror would be eminating from my workstation all hours of the day and night!

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