garden wall house : 1519 west 33rd avenue

1519 west 33rd - frontthe garden wall house is finally finished construction and put up for sale already. somehow, i feel that to me, the execution of peter cardew’s design isn’t up to snuff. you be the judge.

designed by : peter cardew and winner of 2006 canadian architect award of excellence for this design.

built in : 2013 (listed for 3.68mil which is absolute madness!, 2015 – relisted for 3.38mil)

check out the link to the realtor’s listing here and some interior images here.

1519 west 33rd - gatethose who know a bit about peter cardew’s quality of work will be surprised to see this. painted bricks? cheesy address signage, ridiculous mailbox and ornate gate. obviously peter cardew’s office had nothing to do with the outcome.

1519 west 33rd - roof flashings

somewhere between the excellent design by peter cardew and execution, something went horribly wrong.

check out an article in canadian architect magazine about the house design here.

oh, what could have been. everybody should know by know it’s all about the details!



  1. Just wanted to let you know Peter Cardew Architects’ involvement in this project ended at conceptual design. This property was purchased from Cardew’s Client and then was developed by the new owners without the architect’s involvement.

  2. Peter Cardew architects had no involvement beyond the design phase of this house. Any implication that suggests otherwise is an act of slander subject to legal persecution.

    What was a design that the office was immensely proud of was decimated by total incompetence on the part of whoever produced the working drawings and further incompetence on the part of whoever attempted to construct it.

    We suggest the incompetence on the part of the builder was simply a reflection of the drawings and instructions prepared by someone who has no interest, care or ability in architecture. Such incompetence results in the visual decimation of the built environment and those involved should be held responsible through whatever legal or professional means are available.

    • In no case, in my blog post, do I intend to imply that this project was built / construction detailed by Peter Cardew. I thought I made it clear that somewhere there is a disconnect between design and final outcome.

      How can we make sure that these kind of things don’t occur in our profession?
      I can only imagine how wonderful this building would have been had it been carried through and construction overseen by Peter and his staff.

      • As an entirely disinterested party reading this blog- before we go to view the house for sale- I did not at all get the impression from the blog that the writer was implying the house involved the architect. Quite the contrary, as they point out things and state clearly Peter Cardew could not have known about this.

        But I do find the response by Peter Cardew’s office to be a bit ridiculous and nasty. Legal persecution? Talk about taking yourself way too seriously. The heavy handedness certainly is a huge turn off to consider other work by Cardew. So tired of egotistical blowhards. I’m not interested in their ‘art’.

  3. I think they meant legal “prosecution”. But aside from that…
    Lynnis, of course Peter Cardew’s office would care deeply about details and good execution. That is the essence of their job.They take themselves seriously because they are professionals, and they make a living delivering quality projects with integrity. And it is damaging to be associated with sub par work.

    If you can’t tell the difference, then go buy what makes you happy.

      • Thanks, I wonder is there anything horribly wrong with building quality. Looking for that thin roof, seems the insulation is bad. Is it what you mean ? Thanks

      • There are many offenses in detail execution. Just look at the 3rd image of the building corner.
        1. The copious layers of fascia boards.
        2. giant and multiple layers of flashings with drip edges.
        3. poorly selected light fixtures.
        4. metal is scratched / damaged or paint is peeling.
        5. windows frames are thick. higher spec windows would improve the experience of this building greatly.

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