book review : sensational vancouver

sensational vancouver - cover

check out more about the book at eve lazarus’s website.

nice interview with eve at spacing vancouver and a q&a at the peak.

let me focus my review on the chapter that is most dear to my heart, west coast modernism:

sensation vancouver - chapter 11eve goes into a good detail on a few key players of west coast modern design from the 30’s to today. i really did enjoy reading about fred hollingsworth and ron thom and how they “dubbed their early houses ‘midnight specials’ because they designed then for $100 each, late at night while moonlighting from their day jobs”. sounds familiar (as i am still moonlighting on a regular basis).

a few of the other founders of the west coast modern movement chronicled in the book are frederick horsman varley, lawren stewat harris, b.c. binning, charles edward (& ned) pratt, paul merrick and barry downs. selwyn pullan was key to the success of many of these designers by bringing their vision to life through his photography. the chapter closes off with none other than arthur erickson.

go and get your copy at chapters or amazon or even better yet though the publisher anvil press.


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