eyesores : who ya gonna call?

if there’s something strange in your neighborhood….

3857 west 35th – that steeple is a new home for frankenstein’s monster. seems like the tall front porch will suit him as well.

if there’s something weird and it don’t look good….

2285 west 16th – wow. this house is already wearing the witch’s hat! i wonder whats brewing in the cauldron.. eh. i mean kitchen.
6550 east boulevard – what happened here? a split personalty creature. it is tuscan? is it french ? is it greek revival?

busting makes me feel good!

4684 west 4th – let’s do the monster mash. i think this house is looking at me, and perhaps giving me a wink
1562 west 40th – even the hedges are trying to cover up this house that is hideous. crows are welcome here.
2592 edgar crescent – in my previous life, i was a train station…


  1. When contractors and developers over rule designers and architects you see these results .
    Sadly often the culprit is untrained “designers” or people without professional credentials posing as designers and architects.

    • Just as there are bad architects and designers, there are also people without professional credentials that do fantastic design work…..let’s not paint everyone with the same paint brush.

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