west vancouver goodie : 1665 mathers avenue

designed by : splyce design

built by : blackfish homes in 2016 [listed for 4.68mil]

short blurb by the realtor :

this contemporary 2 floor luxury home is already stunning and is finally completed. beautiful open concept and built by one of, if not the most admired builders in west vancouver – blackfish homes. every detail has been completely thought of and is simply the best spec house i have seen being sold. private zen like oasis in the heart of west vancouver, the home was architecturally designed with the creek to the west in mind to create a perfectly private oasis. nigel parish from splyce design has created such an art piece that someone will cherish for years to come. with the first open house that was hosted this past weekend, the feedback has been beautifully overwhelming positive. one of a kind!!!

front of house features linear forms and landscape walk to the porch

back of house is up a floor level and has walk-out deck area surrounded by trees.

open living-dining-kitchen area and stairs beyond.

living room in enclosed by entry closet and glazing to side yard.

upper floor open office area doubles as landing and gallery space overlooking living-dining spaces below.

double-height space features a double-height window to the forest view beyond

master ensuite features a high linear window and skylight to provide natural light while ensure privacy.

all images by 360hometours

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