tour : 2009 west vancouver modern house tour

from the west vancouver museum website:

arthur erickson’s 1989 eppich residence II is constructed using custom-made structural steel and is a special highlight of the tour. other houses include the 1958 gerson residence by wolfgang gerson built on a steep treed slope on the west side of sentinel hill and the 1960 houg residence. although the original architect of the houg residence is unknown and the house fell into disrepair over the years, the current owner has taken on an extensive renovation to restore it. The most recently built home on the tour is located on a south-facing slope of an almost inaccessible granite cliff: the 2008 harbour house by bluesky architecture builds on the traditions of west coast modernism blending nature with carefully designed architecture in a rugged coastal setting. reception held in a spectacular home designed by battersby howat in 2005 that received western living’s ‘best in the west’ award.

this home tour sure was a nice treat!

my first time to attend this year. this was the second year that the west vancouver museum has organized a home tour as this.


All photos taken by DRK Design.



  1. I am looking for Wolfbang Gerson; he is listed as acquiring a painting by Richard Bowman.

    I am writing an article about Bowman and need to find works by this artist exhibited in Vancouver at Kelly Galleries Vancouver 1954

    Cheers and thanks

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