to say that i have been pre-occupied would be an understatement.

i have decided to get my leed accreditation which involves a lot of reading and studying, hence my absence from posting more on this blog.

the canada green building council is the organization that promotes the leed (Leadership in Enegery & Enviromental Design) program. some of the benefits of becoming a leed-accredited professional are:

• valuable and marketable credential for employers, prospective employers, or clients
• encourages and promotes a higher understanding of leed and supports the cagbc’s mission of transforming the built environment

i really hope that all this knowledge that i will gain from the study and passing of the exam will greatly benefit my design work, as well as, the environment. it is really interesting to see that there is so many ways to do good for the environment and at the same time save money by choosing better building systems and reducing costs associated with upkeep of a building such as heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation and so on.

my exam takes place in early September so keep your fingers crossed for me, eh?


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