goodie : 4710 woodvalley place

originally built in 1972, this house is a nice modest modern home located in west vancouver. designed by fred hollingsworth makes this house special. take a look at some signature touches by mr. hollingsworth.

1. the concrete central fireplace is a common element, especially during the 70s, incorporated by the architect. the hearth still is the hearth of the home, right? most of hollingsworth’s houses feature lots of exposed concrete, especially exposed aggregate concrete which helps tie the home to the natural land beyond.

2. the use of extended glazing along the private side of the house. the house is situated in a large treed lot so the use of extended fenestration could be utilized even to some elevations on the driveway side of the house.

3. the long horizontal lines of the roof. even though this is a single story house, the use of continuous horizontal roof fascia, for example, extends the home visually further into the landscape, which i am sure was the design intention, as is with true west coast modernism to blur the lines between inside and out.

please check out this article that goes into great detail about the house here : bc’s other great architect finally in limelight


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