goodie : 4454 regency place

architect : robert burgers architecture

built : 2005 [2012 – listed for 5.98mil, relisted in 2014 for 5.38mil]

short write-up by the realtor:

one of a kind concrete and steel mansion designed by robert burgers/bai architects. truly amazing from the moment you enter this custom designed 7,100 square foot residence set on one of the nicest 27,500 square foot lots ever offered. abundance of free flowing indoor and outdoor living with features that include city and ocean views. spanish limestone Floors, commercial grade windows, 3 story circular staircase, Infinity edge pool plus hot tub, massive level backyard and much more. located on a quiet and private cul-de-sac near great schools and amenities.

this truly is a spectacular house in west vancouver. the amount of though and detailing that went into it is evident in every point and every corner of the house.

here is the link to the video of the house courtesy of virani realtor. Ignore the poor taste in furnishings.

[04-2014] new listing by faith wilson realtor here.

the south side of the house with pool. a two-tiered patio allows multiple access and view points to the house and pool. by having the upper floor recessed, it creates privacy for the bedrooms on the upper floor and provide deck spaces at the same time.

the back patio with direct access to the living and dining rooms. the built-in outdoor fire pit looks like a great place to hang out. the patio is covered but not with a typical wood trellis. in keeping with the commercial/steel and concrete material palette of the house, the patio is protected by a glass roof supported by metal web. the metal web also acts as a place for the vie to grow on for further shading by leaves during the summer moths. i can just see it : grapes hanging down from the vines just right for the picking and this being right in the back of the house – genius! such a clever idea and now the homeowners can be outdoors even when it is raining and keep dry while still being able to enjoy some natural light, which we sure beats sitting inside behind the window.

the wine cellar has am exposed rock face wall. it almost feels like you are outside when in this room, thanks to the rock wall which will also keep the room cool , and naturally is excellent environment for storing wine.

here is the mls link as well.


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