west vancouver modern home tour 2012

Norman Residence, Ron Thom Architect, 1958 – renovations by Susan Gushe and Eric Stedman Architects, 2000-2012

The house is currently seeking new owners. The link to the listing is here and here.

Pratt Residence, Ned Pratt Architect, 1951 – renovation and addition by Peter Pratt architect, 2010-2012

A great article by Adele Weder in the globe and mail is here.

Good-Middleton Residence, 1958 – renovations and additions by E.G. Poskitt architect, 1964 – renovation by Aimee Middleton and John Good, 2003-2008

Article in the vancouver sun here and a soon-to-be listing? here and a video tour illustrating the house.

Granite House, part of the Montiverdi Estates, Arthur Erickson Architect, 1983 – renovation/restoration in 2008, 2011, 2012

The house is currently [2012] on the market for $2.079mil. Check out the listing here.

LaCas Residence, part of the Montiverdi Estates, Arthur Erickson Architect, 1983 – renovation by Desiree LaCas, 2003-2012

from the west vancouver museum website :

The West Vancouver Museum’s seventh annual home tour takes place Saturday, July 14th from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and features six significant West Coast modern homes on the North Shore.  Through this tour, you will visit the recently renovated 1951 Pratt residence by Ned Pratt, the 1958 Norman residence by Ron Thom, the eclectic 1958 Mills residence remodelled by Edward Poskitt, the 1967 McLeod residence by Barclay McLeod and two 1982 homes in Montiverdi Estates by Arthur Erickson.

For over thirty years, Net Pratt headed Thompson, Berwick, Pratt (TBP), an important architectural firm that designed a number of residences, offices and public institutions in Vancouver and beyond. The house Pratt built for his family represents one of the first uses of standard plywood sheeting as a siding material, and his architect son Peter Pratt recently restored it and built an addition to the house.

In 1958, Ron Thom, a principal of TBP at the time, designed a simple, modular, prefabricated house using engineered plywood panels and beams for Mr. Norman, who was a local cabinetmaker. This modest house has been meticulously restored and updated by an architect couple for their young family.

Montiverdi Estates includes twenty custom-built homes nestled into a forested hillside setting.  The unique development includes homes designed by Arthur Erickson with landscape design by Cornelia Oberlander.  Visiting two of the Montiverdi homes allows you to see Erickson’s approach to specific site requirements and to explore the architectural similarities and differences between the two homes.

The house architect Barclay McLeod designed for his family was featured on the cover of House Beautiful’s Building Manual in 1967. The article describes that the house floats above the ground on an irregularly shaped outcrop by the sea, and its open plan offers efficient and economical family living space.

In addition to these four homes, tour participants will visit a unique 1958 house with a well-matured Japanese garden overlooking Burrard Inlet.  Built for Bob Mills, the original owner of Waldorf Hotel in east Vancouver, this house is a dazzling showcase of Polynesian and Asian-inspired custom detailing. The current owners of this house have taken on an extensive renovation to restore it while maintaining its original features.


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