out of town goodie : elenko residence

elenko residence - view from lake

the elenko residence in osoyoos designed by cei architecture is up for grabs. check out the listing here.

the building site is small and compact, facing eastward across the lake. spaces were stacked, creating a two-storey home with a roof garden for relaxing or entertaining. the building provides the basic needs of shelter in a simple, compact, organized box. the building aesthetics are intended to be simple and functional solutions that respond to the semi-desert climate of the south okanagan, the owner’s program and the waterfront context. the building form is reminiscent of the early modernists. white stucco accentuates the colours of the site, the ribbon windows maximize views and the roof garden allows for play and entertaining. the building was also designed to incorporate passive sustainable strategies to control heat gain and to minimize energy consumption. the building form provides shading and the natural ventilation allows a breeze to form between the lower and upper windows.

as always, an in-depth article in the globe and mail by hadani ditmars here.

an architectural write-up in WAN here when it was a finalist for the house of the year in 2010.

and of course, an image gallery to drool over at contemporist.


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