eyesore : 3060 sw marine drive [updated 02-2014]

3060 sw marine drive

designed by: tamanna

built in : 2012 [listed in 2012 for 2.38mil, relisted in jan 2013 for 1.99mil] but i guess the joke’s on me ’cause someone bought it. {and now listed in feb 2014 for 2.24mil]

so many things went wrong here:

too many box windows and am glad the city is clamping down on those.

cheap looking stucco. if you want modern, you have to use smooth finishes.

ugly metal railings and those roof top pillars?

scattered exterior materials placement and hideous white drain pipes. why the stone cladding?

c’mon. everyone knows lawns are out. the sustainable thing to do is to use local plantings and xeriscaping.

and wait till you see the interior.

here are some panoramas to see the details.

link to real estate listing here. new (february 2014) listing here.



  1. There is nothing wrong with lawns.Children can play on them..they are green most of the year in Vancouver,croquet and wine,a nap on the grass?.Please; the trend of of no grass is acceptable in California where there is no water but in Vancouver we have plenty.I have seen far worse homes in Vancouver.I would be interested to see your house?

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