goodie : 14921 buena vista avenue, white rock

14921 buena vista - deck

designed by : keith baker

built by : kliewer brothers in 2010 [on market for 2.29mil]

a wonderful modern home in white rock with tons of attention to detail.

check out the plans and photos in the listing agent’s brochure, and some key points in the description from the realtor:

one of the unique attributes of this beachside house in white rock is the ideal location which is less than 100 steps to west beach for easy access to seaside shops/restaurants and the pier, yet far enough away to avoid the noisy marine drive traffic and trains. the higher elevation offers the expansive south and west views from every level of the house and our unique location on the street provides views that are protected and cannot be blocked by future developments.

the overall design goals of the project were challenging and all-encompassing. these included: maximize sea views while ensuring privacy, use of passive solar design and passive cooling, optimize air circulation and cleanliness, having a functional layout with separate family space, adult space and children’s space, involving all the 5 senses into the build, including the highest-tech solutions and finally, integrating feng shui elements. a rather expansive list of lofty goals that were all met.

this modern seaside home is truly a one of a kind. this is evident with the angled south face, dual curved roofs, double-height lofted ceilings surrounded by day-lighting windows and multiple level decks bringing the outside in. it offers a unique blend of gluelam post and beam construction with exposed structural steel and glass, suspended slab decks and polished concrete floors on all levels. stunning custom details are integrated throughout the house including: a “floating” steel/wood beam and glass entrance staircase, modular srts “water” wall, suspended wide-window fireplace, hand-cut knotless wood ceiling, architectural glass and steel/wood beam awnings, a curved “wave” feature wall, and bespoke cedar/aluminum channel and glass railings on all view decks just to name a few.

one of the most important features for the owner was to build the house to leed platinum standard for ultimate energy efficiency and to apply many green elements for a healthy living environment.

the flawless execution of the design plan and combination of all these custom elements ensures that this residence truly stands apart from the rest.

an article on this home was featured in bc home magazine. check it out on kliewer brothers website.




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