goodie : 6287 macdonald street

6287 macdonald - backyard
designed by : design dialog, formerly hotson bakker boniface haden architects (HBBH)

built in : 2005 by g wilson [2013 listed for 8mil]

here is the blurb from the realtor:

an architect’s vision – “we imagine a house that makes your children wonder a little bit if you have gone crazy (but they are secretly proud). we envision a house where light springs from unexpected places…where big volumes and small volumes coexist in harmony…where the textures of the land and the textures of the building enhance one another by both reinforcement and contrast…a house in which it would be difficult to drink bad wine, but beer would be fine…we see a house that would always have a sense of quality…where some parts are anchored to the ground but some fly.” what the owners envisaged was a three-storey house (including basement) with about 4,000 sq. ft. above grade. their wish list included a lower level comprising a two-car garage integrated with the house to create a sense of entry on arrival; a media room, a smoking room, wine cellar, and storage area. there would be no formal living or dining room on the main floor but rather a great room or hall that would be integrated with the kitchen and would open onto the garden. in addition, there would be a flexible room with a large table that could be used for meetings or meals, two home offices, an entrance lobby and ample wall space for the display of art. upstairs there would be a master suite with a dressing area and access to a deck, plus three other bedrooms, including a separate guest suite. completed in 2005, this modern masterpiece is a dream realized for the owners.

the home is featured in this month’s (august/september 2013) issue of homes&living magazine.


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