eyesore : 6789 heather

6789 heather - corner thanks to chan for sending me a link about this one. it is a bit of a popular eyesore in town as it was featured in coast modern film (40:47). buy your copy of the film here. 6789 heather - front heather streetis this the front door? i see a pathway from the road leading to a planter. those with pole vault may only enter. 6789 heather - side 52nd avenueor is this the front door? i am actually impressed how much different styles and forms they were able to cram into this house design. this pastiche of forms include arches, porches, gables, box windows, copper cupolas, fabric awnings, flat roofs, sloped roofs, stone trimmed roofs, arched windows, windows with craftsman-like mullions, but most of all they have palm trees! i wonder what the nimbys think about this 2007-built house in their neighborhood. obviously, the city must think highly of this house since it is assessed at over 1.6mil just for the house excluding land. let me know what you think.

2015 update : looks like the house (or land) is up for sale [nov 2014-listed for 4.98mil, 2015-listed for 4.39mill – 60’x144′ lot]. if you dare witness it’s full reign of pastiche perplexity, watch the video on luxurybc blog.



  1. Funny about this house because i often drive my children past it to get them to school,I think this is probably one of the best examples of extremism in the area,another is on 57th and oak(not as lavish)I can say with with certainty its owned by individuals where the mentality is more is better and show your wealth as best as you can,I have often stopped and looked and have wondered what the poor neighbours think.Vancouver is a funny case because the modernist attempt at architecture sometimes fails, houses are cramped onto small plots of land not allowing for a sense of space and proper modernist aesthetic.

  2. Shame on you . “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”. Heard that before? I mean (no, you’re mean) that this is somebody’s home and they obviously love it. So what if they used most of “their” property for the house? I see (what can be seen from the sidewalk) the outdoor yard/patio/walkway, plants…a place that is loved and is unique, happy, interesting. fun, ahhh these people love their house/yard. Every time I go by there, I smile. CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THEY HAVE A PARTY!!!

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