exquisite and modern : 5679 newton wynd

designed by : garret cord werner

built by : werner construction in 2014 [2020-listed for ???mil]

check out the listing on the realtor’s website and a short blurb on the house :

pacific spirit estate – this exquisite 0.7-acre ocean-view property overlooking english bay and the north shore mountains was conceived as something completely different – a contemporary home ideal for entertaining, yet also family oriented to cater for children. garret cord werner architects exceeded the owners’ vision, taking a holistic approach to simultaneously integrate the architecture, landscape, and design. the property is constructed from two pavilion-like components connected by a central dining area, creating visual junctures designed for contemplation. one of the highlights of the garden, which features native plants and natural sculptural stone arrangements, is a waterfall that cascades into the koi pond at the entrance way to the home, where the floating staircase can be glimpsed rising to the second level. simplicity reigns throughout, yet it is a warm, child-friendly, and wonderfully entertaining home – simply perfection.

Featured house has its own website at pacificspiritestate.com

Some more great shots of the house:

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