oak bay modern : 2570 esplanade, victoria

designed by : d’ambrosio architecture

built by : alan jones construction in 2004 [2022-listed for 4.60mil]

check out the listing on the realtor’s website and a short blurb on the house :

imagine being able to enjoy the wonders of an active beachfront from your secluded and luxurious esplanade house. enjoy ocean, island and mountain views overlooking your mature garden from spaces perfect for entertaining or quiet contemplation. a dramatic entry invites you into 4 terraced levels with a staircase that rises with the slope of the site. each of the 3 self-contained bedroom suites provide geographic seclusion. the award-winning kitchen is a culinary masterpiece. open, serene, and finely crafted with high ceilings of polished cedar and terrazzo flooring. a custom sauna and steam shower provide space for relaxation. in contrast to the colourful beachfront, the rear outdoor space is a japanese garden retreat, featuring an ofuro tub in a glass-roofed pavilion. the esplanade house, designed by d’ambrosio architecture, is a contemporary expression of the traditions of west-coast modernism, and a peaceful 5 minute stroll to uplands park, willows park, and estevan village.

Some more great shots of the house:


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