competition : freegreen – horizon house competition entry

check out  my recent architectural competition entry at

i would love it if you would vote for my entry if you think it’s great!


ps – if you want the long story about who’s next? contest, here it is:

show your residential design skills to the world! is looking for talented designers who can bring progressive design ideas to mainstream america. with 400,000+ visitors per year, 36,000+ house plans distributed per year, and 20,000+ registered members is the largest source of residential design in the world. now we want to use this audience to promote new architects and designers, and increase the influence of thoughtful and sustainable architecture in the residential arena.

whether you are a young designer or an industry veteran, who’s next is the perfect contest to kick start a new firm or revitalize an existing one. all entries will be promoted in an online environment – and the stars will be you. Unlike other competitions the purpose of who’s next is to expand your viewing audience, and encourage them to reach out to, and communicate with, you as their favorite contest entrants.

the challenge: re-envisioning the single family house is challenging you to develop affordable green home designs that fit contemporary lifestyles. there are a lot of people who want a new home but don’t want a generic suburban mcmansion. the american dream is not one size fits all. our dreams are changing, and freegreen is challenging, you, the residential design community, to develop new ideas for people who don’t dream of the generic.

the single family home is the most commonly built building in america, but less than 5 percent of the homes built in america have direct involvement with an architect. the challenge of the who’s next competition is to re-envision the typical suburban home in an ecologically conscious manner that also reflects today’s modern lifestyle.

competitors will select one of two user profiles (young couple or not so empty nester) and design a single family home that fits their chosen profile. all homes designed in this contest must be 1800 sq. ft. or less.


  • submission deadline: march 1, 2010
  • initial public voting: march 2, 2010 to march 17, 2010
  • initial jury deliberation: march 18, 2010 to march 19, 2010
  • public voting on finalists: march 20, 2010 to april 5, 2010
  • final jury deliberation: april 6, 2010 to april 7, 2010
  • announcement of winners: April 8, 2010
  • completion of construction documents and freegreen launch: april 30, 2010 (tentative)

judging process:

all competitors entries will be judged by a combination of public votes (received via the competition public voting site) and a jury made up of freegreen staff. initial public voting will occur on march 2, 2010 to march 17, 2010. post this period there will be an initial round of judging by the freegreen jury team. this judging will be done 50% on the number of public votes obtain by an entry and 50% by the freegreen jury. this initial round will limit the entries to a final round of 12 entries. from march 20, 2010 to april 5, 2010 there will be a final round of public voting (votes will be wiped clean). then on april 6, 2010 to april 7, 2010 the freegreen jury team will decide on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners again using 50% public votes and 50% freegreen jury team voting. all entries must have conditioned space of 1,800 sq ft or less.

freegreen jury team judging criteria is as follows:

  • livability: does the design fit the chosen profile
  • adaptability: how the home could work in different regions or solar orientations with only minor alterations to the design
  • affordability: could the design actually be built in a reasonably affordable manner
  • clarity: are the ideas clearly represented and explained
  • ingenuity: unique and innovative ideas for integrating green concepts

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