goodie : 2248 spruce street

a townhouse with a bridge. how cool is that!

take a look at the listing with all the images and even a floorplan. though there are a lot of stairs, mind you they are spiral stairs, it makes up for the neat layout. the layout is reversed meaning that the main bedroom is located at the ground floor and the living areas at the top floor. the reason the architect has done this is to take advantage of the views from the top floor. the use of natural light is great for livability and for passive solar design. using to light the living spaces during the day with natural light is great for energy savings and for health reasons. natural light is always more comforting to live in that artificial light.

this is a view looking from the entry up to the third floor in the unit. the smart thing was allowing the large ‘foyer’ interconnected all the way to the bottom floor allowing natural light to enter all the rooms below. it also creates a sense of spaciousness, which is always welcoming.

the view from the top landing looking north. great use of glass blocks provided nice sense fo privacy and sound buffer but also allows for light to enter.

the hallway towards the ‘bridge’.

the view of the northern part of the unit.


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