canadian passive house website

this is what it’s all about. the future of home design.

i believe that we need to stop relying so strongly on mechanical systems to heat and cool our homes (wasting precious resources) and use more passive methods of heating and cooling our homes.

check out for more information and if you are interested in designed house implementing passive features, please call me at 604 928 6036.
it is still quite uncommon to see many houses built this way in vancouver, but good news is that the city of vancouver is embracing the system. just take a look at their guidelines on passive design and net zero initiatives.

i strongly encourage that more builders and homeowners understand how important this is. how great would you feel if you know that your home cost next to nothing to heat and keep cool? We have the sun to bring in light and warm up our homes, we have the wind to bring in breezes and circulate the air inside, and we have the earth to bring in warmth and heat.

let me hear your thoughts about this.



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