eyesore : 3805 west 38th avenue

the listing states that this house is not yet completed. please mr. builder, think twice before building this house. Just look at how ridiculously busy the facade(s) are. why do we need all those gables? it seems that all designers around town do is draw a plan and not even think about the outside of the house. oh, and putting gables and box windows everywhere does not make the building look more attractive. now for the buyer who is going to buy this house, let’s do the math: listing price $ 3.9 million! i just fell off my chair.

property value is $ 1,311,000 (from vanmap) – $ 3,985,000 listing price = $2,674,000

do you really think the builder is going to spend anywhere near even $2,000,000 on building this thing?

the listing states that the house will be 4475 sq.ft., so even generously at $250 per square foot construction cost comes out to only $1,118,750.

that means someone is still pocketing about $1.5 million. i should be a builder / developer!


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