goodie : 4669 west 9th avenue

this house was designed by evoke international design. awesome! this house sure is awesome. the few things that i love about this house is its simplicity in massing and the use of materials. simple gray stucco with nice large south-facing windows which are not only great in view to the new front yard but will also be greatly beneficial in solar heat gains in the winter months. the front door is cool. i like the fact it is the same height as the porch which surely give a grand feeling when entering the house. there is no chance to make a great second first impression and this entry is not lacking in impressing the visitor or the home owner alike. the ultra-thin stone veneer is quite a nice touch point at the entry and used sparingly in the facade helps the house not feel too heavy.

i look forward to seeing the front yard landscaping flourish in the coming months and years as it will surely grow taller to screen the private spaces within somewhere from prying eyes that walk along the sidewalk.


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