goodies : houses around town

(c) DRKdesign

515 east 31st – house built by revolution developments.  it caught my eye right away when i was down on this street in east vancouver. the massing is different than all the houses in the neighborhood by having its roof become the front face of the house, but what a great idea to keep the rain out and probably all these leaves and pine needles off the roof. it gives a very private face to the street but i am sure that the back of the house opens up on the backyard.

(c) DRKdesign

619 east 31st – this is funky. i love that metal canopy for the entrance. they must have used some reflective coating on the windows to keep prying eyes away.

(c) DRKdesign

3780 heather – in a neighborhood filled with craftsmans and old 1950s non-descript bungalows, this house adds a nice refreshing change to the streetscape. using stucco and wood siding with some stone accents keeps this house simple. nice built-in planter at the second floor.

(c) DRKdesign

29th avenue & angus drive – another house by battersby howat. again the use of stucco in combination with wood siding has proven very successful.

(c) DRKdesign

3691 west 48th – house by fred dalla-lana built in 1997. the second storey steps back to create a outdoor patio space and a ‘porch’ for the view to the park (just to the east – left side of the photo).


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