goodie : 1795 orchard way

designed by: fred thornton hollingsworth

built in : 1990 [sold in 2011 for 2.99mil – listed in 2012 for 4.28mil]

located in west vancouver and designed by fred thornton hollingsworth in 1990, this house still looks timeless today. there is a bit of frank lloyd wright in the design, and i am sure if you look at most of frank lloyd wright’s prairie-style houses, you will see the resemblance.

the way this house flows and takes advantage of views is spectacular. i also find that the tall privacy walls create a visual barrier from the street, but from inside the walls, the views are still open and plenty of natural light enters the house due to excellent site planning. below are floor plans, from the realtor’s listing:

check out this link for some fine virtual walk-throughs, as well as, some more interior images.


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