goodie : 2868 west king edward

designed : stuart howard architect with john blackmore 2006

located on a very steep site with amazing views to the north-east. i really like to treatment of the “chimney” elements and the restrained palate of materials.

take a look at the virtual tour here which is great!

even for such a sloped site, all the floors are level, meaning no split level within the floor plates. take a look at the backyard and check out how well designed this is. by the use of large level landings/patios; even on such a steep site most of the yard is very usable! sure there is lots of structural concrete retaining walls, but they are mitigated by some nice landscaping features.

inside exposed wood beams add warmth to what would have otherwise been a less visually interesting interior. the use of wood windows is also a great benefit to the interiors in regards to the feel inside when we have those long cold grey rainy days.


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