goodie : 5188 maple street

a simple modest box design with lush and exciting green space surrounding it, once again in a sea of gag-inducing craftsman houses.

architect : norman hotson who lives in  the house.

built in : 2011

the entry sequence. from the sidewalk, one is greeted by a narrow opening in the fence. fence material is continuous along the wall that separates the walkway and stairs down into the yard and the landscape area west of the entry. the walkway and stairs are concrete, a continuation of the of the tactility of the sidewalk. along the south side of the walkway towards the front entry, a water feature creates audible separation from the street. a simple glazed door and full-height window provide access to the house at the entryway.

the corner of the house with cedar fence. a well screened yard-space offers a place to go out from the living room with floor-to-ceiling glazing. windows along the upper floors are reduces in size to ensure privacy.

the garage from the lane and back gate blends in with the fence. to reduce visual impact of the garage, a flush-panel roll-up door is implemented. the side door to the yard is cleverly designed and built to match the fence and blend in.


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