goodie : 4038 west 38th avenue (updated)

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architect : alan endall

built in : 2007 by davidson walker construction [2010 – sold for 2.87mil, 2012 – listed in jun for 3.99mil – relisted in oct for 3.48mil, 2013 – sold in feb for 3.24mil]

interior designer : celine interiors

a short blurb on the house by the realtor:

designed by award winning vancouver architect alan endall, this home is an incomparable piece of architectural genius. steel beam construction with extensive use of travertine, basal and concrete. high end finishings and incomparable attention to detail. breathtaking main floor with sky high ceilings surrounded by unreachable windows. a glass nano wall opens to escalating terraces of fantastic entertaining spaces surrounded by manicured gardens. sophistication and artistic features encompass the almost 3,000sq. ft. of luxurious living space opening freely into designer gardens that speak of privacy and the best things in life. quietly secluded in this upscale neighbourhood, you must see it to understand.

a few good links to follow:

celine interiors website and click on kerrisdale house, as well as, article in homebydesign magazine, article in western living magazine, on the house.

2013-02-09 update : The house has recently been sold for 3.24mil. Vancouver sun article mentions the sale.


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