exhibition : barry downs in west vancouver museum

may 8 – june 15 2013
barry_downs_wvm_2opening reception may 14 7pm – 9pm

here is the link  to west vancouver museum.

Barry Downs has been practising architecture for over five decades, first with Thompson Berwick & Pratt Architects, then in partnership with Fred Hollingsworth and, later with Richard Archambault. His projects span a wide range from houses and institutions to community master plans and all are informed by his skilful melding of buildings, gardens and landscape, a fundamental design philosophy that respects the natural topography, ecology and the private and public nature of a site rather than attempting to circumvent it.

The exhibition illustrates this integration through key projects, such as the 1964 Massey Award winning Rayer Residence in West Vancouver, located on a hillside where the buildings bent form embraces a garden, pond and views of forest and ocean to urban settings where landscape provides the essential bonding element. Today, Downs works from his home studio in West Vancouver sited sensitively on the edge of a cliff and overlooking the Strait of Georgia.


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