the vancouver house, is coming

darn squirrels, they get into everything!
some of the plans are hilarious, especially at the lower floors where you are surrounded by columns in the most peculiar of places:
nothing says welcome home like walking straight into a column.

where do you put furniture in this place?



those are some behemoth columns, right in the bedroom. some places there is no room to get around the bed!
don’t get me wrong, once you get past some of these plans, there are some very nice layouts further up on the building, though it still surprises me that all these units are sold, only $1000/sq.ft. <sarcasm>



  1. Oh David, stop being so critical. 🙂

    They’ve anticipated all those who bought units aren’t going to be living there anyways so who cares if there’s a column to greet you at the end of your busy day, or a columnar thermal mass that keeps you company in your bedroom on those lonely cold rainy nights…

    • i hope people get that i am just having a bit of fun and not meant to be mean in any way. i guess we could call these units ‘unique’ or ‘inventive’ or ‘remarkable’.

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