goodie : 3241 dieppe drive

one never knows where you might find a hidden treasure. just by driving through residential neighborhoods to avoid traffic jams has brought me to this fine home.

located on the very edge of vancouver (just a block from boundary), is a fine example of modern home that really works with the topography of the site. Looking at the context, the majority of the homes completely disregard their orientation either to the sun or the views. this house was more thoughtfully-designed with large overhangs and clerestory windows for natural light and views to the north.

and who doesn’t love a good canted wall?



    • From my experience and by looking at the outside of the house, I would presume that the interior is something like this: Ground floor has entry in the middle and a couple bedrooms on each side. On the back side is probably some rec room facing the backyard with a linear staircase in the middle running front to back. There is probably one bathroom for the 2 bedrooms somewhere on this floor. On the upper floor, the area with the sloped glazed wall is most likely a living room with a kitchen facing the street on the left side. there is probably a powder room and maybe a office in the back left corner of the house. that’s my best guess. maybe I should try drawing it up?

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