goodie : 7062 osler street

mid-century gem – a masterpiece of a house designed originally by ron thom in 1952. a major renovation was done by the architect in 1980’s. the exterior features a wall of glass along the eastern side of the house which brings in natural light all year long. the interior features classic mid-century touches such as ceramic floor, wood ceilings, indirect lighting and a massive stone fireplace/hearth.

a link to cam mclellan’s blog post which goes into great detail about the house.

here is the link to the realtor’s listing. currently priced at $2,750,000. this home will be sure to keep some mid-century modern enthusiast very happy as it seems to be in extremely good condition.

the layout is very well though-out. a split level keeps the house from seeming overwhelmingly tall from the street or backyard, with the master bedroom being the only 2 storey portion. one bedroom at same floor level as living room enables age-in-place opportunities. limited hallways keep the bedrooms well sized and reduce circulation. a solid wall along the west side of the bedroom creates a porch for the entry of the house. the kitchen is located in a corner of the house to provide separation and its own access to garden. very very cool!



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