film : coast modern

i attended the world premiere of coast modern yesterday at the doxa festival. the theater crowd was filled with west coast modern architecture enthusiasts.

the film delves into the story of west coast modernism in residential design, spanning an area from los angeles to vancouver. in the start of the film, the eppich house is viewed and experienced by a walk-though from the yard to the entry into the living spaces and down to the bedroom level of the house, with the homeowner describing how his life has been changed since living in the house. without giving the film story and content away, i would highly recommend seeing it. it helped me re-affirm that a place for modern architecture still exists in the world and the hope for it to be part of the mainstream could one day be a reality. the film illustrates beautiful how living in a modern house changes the inhabitants, the way the live and feel and react/interact with the world around them.

some of the speakers in the films were (in no particular order): douglas coupland, trevor boddy, adele weder, dion neutra, ray kappe and many of the homeowners who live in these amazing spaces.

please do check out the film’s website for more information and some trailers.

much congrats to the filmmakers and countless contributors in this film for their hard work and passion for a topic that is close to my heart!


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