goodie : 3705 west 22nd avenue

during the presentation of coast modern, this house was a quick feature in the film as the one house that stands out in the streetscape amongst other dull nondescript houses. the house is on the market (realtylink listing) and looking for a new owner who will enjoy living in a colourful (see funky upper floor mosaic) and modern space.


the living room looking south. a three-sided fireplace will keep the house warm. and provide a visual break from the entry to the living space. a large south-facing window will provide not only ample sunlight but solar heat gains during the winter months reducing the need for artificial heating.


the dining room looking north from the living room. built-in bench (read window seat) could be used, in the future, as a bench for seating if the table was to get increased. a built-in wine storage matching the doors to the family room was well integrated.


the kitchen viewed from the back of the family room couch. large sliding doors lead to the covered deck at the back of the house.


the family room viewed from the couch. fireplace, tv, storage built to one seamless piece of millwork.


the main stairs leading up to the bedrooms on the upper floor and down to the basement. a glass partition between the entry and the stairs ensures natural light continues to invade deep into the house. the passage on the left is for the powder room, which also serves as a buffer between main eating area and the washroom. (i hope they put insulation in the wall separating the 2 rooms for extra sounds isolation). simple stainless steel tube handrail maintains the modern esthetic.


the main bedroom has access to private deck overlooking the backyard. the wall designed windows at the corner ensure furniture (headboard) do not conflict.


the ensuite. interesting to see upper cabinets in the ensuite.


what an awesome roof deck! and from the looks of it, really private.

the back of the house features smooth fibre-cement cladding


the garage keeps the language of the house with a flat roof and large windows.


bonus images:

2 images of the house taken on march 26, 2011 during construction. the designer of the house is tmj design+build.



  1. Hi David,

    How’s it going?? Daisy and I are good, and busy! Wasn’t the Vanglo house amazing?! We knew you would love it as we do! I hear it was like 3-350.00 a square foot to build! Hey, a question: with the house on west 22nd on your blog, we see smooth fibre cement board, do you know if that’s hardi panel? That’s what we are putting on our house. What do you think? Do you know of any other comparable products in the area?



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