mid-century modern home tour 2012

houses featured on this year’s tour range in construction dated from 1951 to 1979, take a look at the vancouver heritage foundation brochure here.

mcculloch residence designed by : chart & pat mcculloch architects – built in 1979

quaglio residence designed by : min-fong yip architect – built in 1974

ledingham/wiens residence designed by : sharp & thompson, berwick, pratt architects – built in 1954

go for a video tour right here.

works-baker residence designed by ron thom – built in 1951 [2012 on market for 2.388mil]

house is looking for a new owner to take good care of it. check out the listing here. a great blog post by vancouver lights here. my recent block post on the house is here.

pearson residence design by robert mckee – built in 1951  by owner/builder b bjornson


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