DRKDesign – new motto

i have decided to update my motto to something even more simpler : sustainable & beautiful. why you may ask? well these are the 2 things that really drive my design and things i am passionate about.
recently completing the passive house design course has really showed me just how important a well designed (envelope) building is.

1. sustainable = if we are all building homes that are less demanding on the energy uses, we can not only same ourselves lots of $$ which is great, as we know that the price of energy is only going to rise in the future; but also we can reduce co2 emissions and help the planet breathe better. keeping the air clean is good for us but even more crucial to the future generations!

2. beautiful = if something is not well designed and ugly, no one (at least in the long run) will care for it. If buildings aren’t nurtured and cared for and fall into dismay, they will be taken down sooner than they would if they were beautiful, because no one cares for ugly things. the constant tearing down of not-so-old houses is not a sustainable way of building. we need to build homes that will be sturdy and well-built so that they may be around for 100s of years.

so, “sustainable & beautiful“. what do you think?


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