leed at last!

well, it has been a tough few months. a few days before my exam date, i found a great resource for practicing for my leed ap(new construction & major renovations) exam. it is a website filled with resources for studying and taking sample exams, including the one for canadian accreditation. the link to their website is: http://www.greenexamprep.com/index.html .

well, to say the least, do not underestimate the amount of information that is required to be known for the exam. i thought i had know all that there was to know about the green building rating system and felt quite confident going into the exam, but yet there were so many curve-balls thrown at me during the exams, I though I had failed for sure. the exam consists of a multiple choice questions on a computer screen with a total of  78 questions.  It was a great to see “PASS” on the screen as soon as it was over!


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