competition : 20*20 prefab.

the winners for the 20*20 prefab competition have been announced.

take a look at the website to see some of the winners & honorable mentions : .

My entry, unfortunately did not make it into the shortlist. below are some images (bottom of post) from the entry, as well as, the key ideas behind the design.

description: trillions of mountain pine beetles have killed over 500 million cubic meters of lodgepole pine in british columbia. in order to salvage value from the dead trees, generous logging quotas have been established for the lodgepole pine. the mountain pine beetle transmits a fungus that stains a tree’s outer growth rings a blue-ish tint. this discoloration has no effect on the structural integrity of the wood. the mountain pine beetle lives most of its life under the bark. in the winter, the temperatures have been too moderate in bc to kill off large portions of the beetle population and the spread of the infestation has grown dramatically. this is an example of a pre-fabricated home that utilizes this wood by using it in its building and its components; allowing functional living and reducing an ecological and environmental impact.

location & sustainable sites
–    developed site with single family home
–    open area maintained
–    minimum disturbance with post footings
energy & atmosphere
–    photovoltaic panels for electricity generation
–    high-efficient boiler for solar hot water radiant floor heating
–    air-tight building panel system
–    high r-value insulation
–    energy star appliances
–    low-e windows
–    led lighting
–    natural daylighting (throughout the year), shaded by trees
–    clothes drying rack attached to outside of building
water efficiency
–    rain water collection
–    gray water reuse system for irrigation
–    high-efficiency fixtures : water-efficient dishwasher, clothes washing machine, dual-flush toilets, low-flow shower heads & sink faucets
–    high fly-ash content in concrete mix
–    pine beetle kill lumber rather than virgin wood harvested
–    fibre-cement wall panel finish
–    minimized material waste with off-site panel construction
–    bamboo (highly renewable) wood in second floor
indoor air quality
–    no voc finishes
–    natural cross ventilation
–    cabinetry made from bamboo, plyboo, pine beetle wood
environmental benefits
–    bicycle lockup behind building
–    bamboo trees planted for shade and privacy
–    deciduous trees at south side for shade during summer and sunlight penetration during winter

plansexploded assembly diagramexterior - laneexterior - yardinterior - living spaceinterior - stair


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